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Aerial Silks

Do it for the love of it!

Aerial Silks

Why we love silks:
One word. Free.  Aerial Silks makes us feel free.  We love the soft embrace from the silks as we wrap the fabric delicately around our bodies.  We know that same soft embrace will cradle us as we twirl and twist our way down the fabric.

We love that the seemingly impossible tricks on the silks can be in fact made possible through the guidance of an expert Instructor and a little hard work and determination.  We love that from toe to fingertip and everything in between is getting conditioned and trained to not only keep us strong on the silks but in our day to day lives.  We love that our posture is better, our confidence is higher and we are challenging ourselves in new ways. We love knowing that there are others like us.  Others who dream of new tricks on their drive to work or school.  We love that we are a family who share the same passion. Aerial Silks.

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