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Aerial Lyra

Turn, tumble and soar!  This apparatus is for you!

Aerial Lyra

Enjoy dancing and creating movement?  Aerial Lyra (hoop) brings fitness and flight together in one small circle.  Don't be fooled, the circle is not just your average circle.  It's not just a frame to hold your gorgeous poses.  It is a friend.  A friend who wants you to learn to harness the power within your heart and find the dancer within your soul. The hoop begs perpetual movement.  It begs simplicity, power, stillness.  

Once you try Aerial Lyra you may find you get hooked forever! 

Warning! Aerial Lyra is a ridged apparatus and bruises are common during the learning curve but the rewards far out-weigh the difficulty.

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Acro Balance

Acro BalanceAcro Balance

Try acro balance as a couple or try it as a single.  You will never look back!

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